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With an initial enquiry in February 2012, we took on the services of amisIT after some deliberation in July 2013 and we haven't looked back since.


Negotiating a contract to cover our 3 physical sites at the time, amisIT came to the party on a few items that stood them apart from the rest.  The major point was their attention to detail, specifically when it came to backups.  We are able to rest easy in knowing that if we are away, or if there are problems with backups, that the amisIT team deal with these and ensure we have backups not only happening, but happening and being taken offsite.


We have made some changes to processes with the advice of amisIT, which has now meant that our speech pathologists are able to log into our central server when out on client/school sites, making it much easier for our staff to work and to report back to us and to our clients.


Our regular monthly reviews mean that as business owners, Robyn and I are able to sit back and see an overall summary of where the problems are arising when it comes to technology and where we can improve.  It also gives us a much clearer idea of the value provided by a dilligent and pro-active IT partner and assists with our decision making and strategy preparation.


We would not hesitate in recommending amisIT for the role as an IT partner for any organisation of our size in Australia.  If you're a business owner, with anywhere from 5-50 staff, don't look at a fulltime internal IT resource, hire a team of resources as your partners and see the benefits you can get out of a much lower outlay.

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