amisIT Partners, Affiliations & Associations

Learn about some amisIT's professional partnerships, affiliations and associations.

Microsoft Small Business Specialist

amisIT are proud of their affiliation with Microsoft not only as a partner, but as a Small Business Specialist.  Heavily pushing the on-premises to cloud movement using Office365, amisIT also not only support on-premises, but implement and configure this infrastructure with all aspects of Windows Server, SBS and Hyper-V environments.

Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner

Through a dedicated push and roll-outs of Office365 for businesses around Melbourne, amisIT are now Cloud Accelerate Microsoft Partners with Microsoft.

For solutions relating to the effective implementation of and smooth migration to cloud services for your business, speak to amisIT today and know that only the best technology available is being used.

T-Suite Partners

amisIT have a reseller relationship with Telstra for their T-Suite platform, specifically through the implementation and management of the Microsoft Office365 platform.

National Computer Supplies

amisIT have worked with National Computer Supplies for a long time now and are proud to boast the close IT partnership to hardware relationship which has blossomed over the years.

Click here to learn more about National Computer Supplies and their offerings.

NP Accounting

For Strategic, Referral and service reasons, the partnership between amisIT and NP Accounting is one that is highly valued and advertised.  Both businesses are working towards similar goals and meet regularly to not only strengthen this relationship, but to continue to strategise towards a united future.

Click here to learn more about NP Accounting and the value that they can bring to your business.


amisIT are a registered partner of Cisco and provide Cisco technologies to their partners and clients to leverage the interconnectivity and features offered by Cisco products and services.

Voice, video and data traffic as well as speedy and smooth management of site Internet are just some of the reasons that amisIT work with Cisco products to shape their partners.


amisIT resell and support ESET products as a best of breed anti-virus and system protection solutions.  Not only do they provide an enterprise standard level of protection critical to business continuity, but their products have been cleverly designed and developed to minimise resource impact on the systems on which they are used.  

These days, this is paramount to not only ensuring protection and virus free environments, but also to ensuring that systems operate at optimal levels.

amisIT recommend no other anti-virus products that rival the excellence of ESET.

Business Networking International

amisIT are highly focussed on local business interaction and networking.  Being a member of BNI for over a year now and having Simon represent the BNI Sunrise Networkers as their chapter president, the value that BNI is able to provide businesses as a source of referrals and business partnerships is significant.

Click Here to view see what value a membership in such a prestigious networking organisation can bring to your business.

Maroondah Business Association

amisIT are a 2 year member of the Maroondah Business Association and have made some fantastic business relationships via this association.

Click here to find out more about this association and how you can incorporate it into your business.