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A solution is possible to every IT headache - take our word for it

We originally engaged amisIT to complete a network and hardware upgrade across our IT infrastructure to cope with the pending introduction of a new software solution we were looking to move to.

We were happy to find that the project was completed smoothly and within an expected budget, getting all of our staff PC’s to the latest Microsoft Windows and Office versions.  Rather than replacing all computers with new hardware, they audited all of the computers on the network and proposed the best way to move forward, analysing which machines needed what additional components to handle the upgraded software.

Our staff members were able to walk in to a smoothly transitioned environment, with all of their existing settings, just now using the new operating systems.

At the same time, amisIT reviewed some network inefficiencies and were able to provide an accurate description of what these were, and how we could have them fixed.

Since the completion of this project, we have taken on amisIT’s services to manage the ongoing IT requirements of our office including monthly monitoring, system updates, and fixing any computer problems we encounter.  When introducing the new software, we had additional requirements in terms of email.  Rather than imposing the costs of an entirely new mail server which was an option in amongst those suggested, they actually developed and built a more cost effective solution which was able to handle all of our requirements.

We have found the amisIT team to be very helpful with a quick response time and cost effective solutions. It has taken away the headache of computer problems in our office and we are very appreciative!

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Lauren Wilson
BW Financial Planning t/a OzPlan Financial Services (Ringwood)

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