From ​Networking contact to IT Partner & never looked back

I met the guys from amisIT at a local business networking event and was impressed with their offerings and open personalities after just an initial discussion.  I had an existing IT issue with my email that my previous IT support company had been unable to fix for over 12months.  Liking my initial experience, I decided to give the guys from AmisIT a go, and they came on board and fixed it within 2 weeks. Wow was I impressed!

Since this time, I have become more involved with amisIT, not only as a client, but with them as a client of mine and our ongoing relationship has not only bloomed in a business sense, but also in a personal sense.  They have taken calls from me and helped me out when I need it, and if Im having a problem thats starting to get to me, all I have to do is pick up the phone, or shoot off an email, and I always get an informative and accurate response.

Most importantly, the information I get from amisIT is in plain English, giving me an even better understanding of exactly what I have running in my office. Their prices are very competitive and they provide me with affordable and most importantly reliable IT solutions. They are up to date with technology which helps my business keep up to date & strategise my IT plans moving forward in line with my business requirements.

I now recommend AmisIT to all of my business clients and they too are seeing great results.  They are great guys to deal with. They are friendly and professional and I highly recommend them.

We have even started producing some services that compliment the strengths of both of our businesses.

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Justin Nancarrow


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