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Back-ups, Disaster Recovery and downtime are a concern of the past!​

We had an existing support arrangement and faced an issue with data backups not being verified and suffered data loss as a result.

It was our recruitment agency that actually recommended amisIT through their dealings with them and got amisIT to get in touch with me directly.  After a very pleasant conversation explaining our arrangement and IT systems, amisIT came out and completed a site assessment before providing a fully tailored quote and documentation of what they could do for us.

We decided to take them on and have never looked back since.  amisIT have been a real breath of fresh air to deal with.  Not only do they take care of everything to do with our IT systems, but more to the point, they let us know in advance of issues and through our monthly reviews, they take steps to ensure that we are not left in the dark again.
I can now access my email on all of my devices, my office set-up itself is much easier to manage between my laptop and desktop, and more to the point, we as a business have the peace of mind and understanding of how our data is being backed up and what is being backed-up.

I would recommend amisIT to any business that needs peace of mind when it comes to their data, and would prefer to gather an understanding of how this is being done in English rather than in technical talk.  They are our business IT partner and we wouldn’t look elsewhere.

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Jane Campbell
Managing Director
Lovell Surgical

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