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amisIT have been working closely with their partners and clients in the financial sector since their inception in 2010.


Accountants and financial planners have a lot of document management processes to follow and these take time and attention to detail to ensure 100% correct.

Furthermore, the plethora of software updates to various versions of MYOB, Reckon, Handi-Tax & other packages take up quite a lot of time from an I.T. partner’s perspective, but more to the point, they cost our clients (and us) time and money.

amisIT saw the opportunity of the Office365 suite in its infancy (as BPOS) and have become more familiar with it, become certified in it, added to it, customised it for clients and partnered with integrators.  One particular integrator which has proven quite useful for efficiencies for accountants is HubOne.

HubOne’s OnePractice™ is a collection of sophisticated cloud-based tools uniquely designed to help you save time and create efficiencies, so you can spend more time strengthening client relationships and generating more revenue.  The solution can be installed over the top of Office365 as an add-on and is designed specifically for financial organisations, to provide an unparalleled document management solution that easily creates and stores documents, with intelligent search functions.

What's more, it can connect with common practice management tools for greater collaboration and reduce the needs of moving between programs to find client information.

The whole solution can be implemented at a basic level, or more advanced, integrating into Outlook, SharePoint online, local scanners and additional tools such as Microsoft Flow (for notification automation) & Docu-Sign for faster turn-arounds on signatures of important documents.  Accounting firms with turnovers of multiple millions of dollars are able to use HubOne in conjunction with Office365 to increase business efficiencies with the correct implementation of technology and process and to minimise the man hours taken to generate this revenue.


amisIT’s role with Office365 and HubOne is to assist business transition to this platform to firstly experience the wealth of benefits gained from using a consolidated online platform for email, calendar and contacts.  From there, amisIT partner with and consult with clients to determine what add-ons are most appropriate for their organisation and assist to implement and train staff on usage of these value-added integrations.


amisIT stress word partner because the days of using an I.T. resource are long gone.  If you outsource your I.T. operations and your partner in this field does not understand your business, its story, its people and where it’s heading, then they cannot adequately support your business.


Contact amisIT today on (03) 9017 5713 to organise a free, half-hour initial assessment of your technology in line with your intended business direction.

The result of this will be a proposal for ongoing partnership with amisIT & even if you don’t decide to engage, at least you’ve had a second, independent set of eyes cast over your business technology.

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