amisIT & NP Accounting

Starting a business?  Going through a period of Growth?

It's time you consolidated your business services and worked with a team that can learn your business and support it.

No longer will your IT & Accounting partners work at cross-purposes - benefit from this consolidation today!

High Tech Accounting

Want your accounts handled in a certain way?

Want to use a particular program to view and manage your own access?

Prever to keep your MYOB file onsite rather than to lose control?

amisIT and NP Accounting boast a number of solutions to make this possible and guide you through the process of setting this up and managing it on an ongoing basis.

Don't be constrained by the technology and accounting systems you have in place - strive for perfection with amisIT and NP Accounting.

Budget​ed IT Growth

Need to upgrade your technology, but not sure if you can afford it?

Need an accurate budget for the next period to manage your business growth?

Question yourself on these items no longer.

Working with amisIT and NP Accounting, these questions can be discussed and confirmed in the one hit.

amisIT are able to fit infrastructure needs to expected growth and budget requirements and NP Accounting are able to thoroughly and accurately produce such budget figures to achieve a much easier decision making process.

Like-Minded Partners

amisIT and NP Accounting work on both with a close business and personal relationship.

The aims and strategies of both businesses are closely aligned and both parties participate in monthly strategy sessions to ensure this alignment.

Not only are they able to provide second to none accounts and IT management, but also to guide clients and share their experiences with strategic business planning and implementation/monitoring of these plans.

Call amisIT or NP Accounting today to discuss where your business is going and how these partners can add significant short and long term value.

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